January 28, 2010

Adult Male Actor Needed - Small Stipend!


I am having trouble casting a role. Please forward this to anyone you know who might be right for the part.

I am looking for a young teen/adult male actor for the part of Eshu, a boyish trickster spirit in a Yoruban folk tale. The tale is African, but the actor can be any ethnicity. The part is for Atlanta Theatre-to-go. It will not have a traditional theatre run, but rather will be booked from time to time throughout the year in retirement homes, etc. according to actors' availability. Small stipend; rehearsals start mid-Feb.

Contact Nancy Riggs, Director


General Meeting

The Players' General Meeting is currently scheduled for February 9, 2010 at 12:15pm. It will be in Alumni Hall's Classroom 110 across from the Players' Office. Please come and join us! There will be food and updates about workshops and information about what the Players' are up to! Come and hang out with us! We also welcome ideas for future workshops.