September 2, 2009

What IS APO?

Alpha Psi Omega is a National Theater Honors Fraternity. It's co-ed, like most honors fraternities, and yes, it does earn you honor cords for graduation. Eligibility for membership is based on participation in theater productions while at GSU. Basically, if you're dedicated, and you actively participate a bunch, you'r...e in, but the point system is followed.

So what does APO do? A lot of casts actually put on a production every semester. Our cast (chapter) will be putting on little shows and holding events when we can. We’ll be coming up with and trying a lot of different things in our first year (if we bring it back). There's community service and whatnot most times, just like other fraternities and sororities. There's benefits from being a large national of the biggest thing theater people would get from this is networking...with over 500 casts nationwide, the networking possibilities are endless (or at least close enough to it).

It's a great way to come together with others who're as dedicated to theater as you are, and to accomplish something, and to recognize each other's talent and merits.

And also, it's like other honors's a reward for excelling in your field. you have to participate and be active in theater to be able to be a member...being a theater major and doing your 3 Theater 1010's alone isn't gonna cut have to want it.

You must participate in the costume shop, scene shop, electrics shop...try out for department shows...acting in the showcase, be a part of the GSU Players, do SOMETHING...try to be a part of theater.

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