February 9, 2010

Actor Needed For Gender Study

Thanks for calling me back on my request and submitting this to all actors at GSU!! What I am searching for is an actor that could come into a classroom and spew out violent language towards me in front of my graduate colleagues in the Fine Arts Department for 3-5 minutes in duration.

I am an artist working in performance art. My plan is to create an environment where initially I would read spoken word poetry regarding the subject of gender violence for a time period of 10 minutes. I
then would like to hire an actor come into the classroom and hurl violent language at me for a time period of 3- 5

minutes with my classmates not knowing about the setup. My goal is to reverse the roles of spectator regarding a very serious matter in our society. After this emotive act is done, I will say no, and then have the 8 students write a sequence of emotive word responses.

I know it may sound corny - but it is art right. I am looking for someone who can shed 10 minutes of
their time to perform this for my class on Monday the 15th of February at 11:15. It won't take long and I
will pay a Starbucks gift certificate worth 15 bucks. What I need from you is a dedication to act out a
violent action for 5 minutes. This actor can be either male or female. The subject is Gender Violence which meaning is violence to both men and women in our system. I would be so grateful for your help with this project.

If interested, Please call me! Myrna at 615-974-2726.


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