February 13, 2010

Production of RENT by Georgia College Theatre Department

RENT to illuminate the stage during ‘Season of Love’

Milledgeville, Ga. (Feb. 12, 2010)— Georgia’s first university performance of RENT will join the exhilarating lineup of productions by the Georgia College & State University Department of Theatre Feb. 24 – 28.

The Department of Theatre is collaborating with the Department of Music to bring RENT to the Georgia College campus. This will be the first university performance of RENT in Georgia The play was released to college campuses just this summer.

Professor and director Dr. Amy Pinney showed her excitement and determination when she announced the performance.

“When I first pitched the idea of our Department of Theatre and Dance doing RENT, I knew it was an enormous undertaking,” said Pinney. “Still, I wanted to direct something that not only my students really wanted to do but also something the community really wanted to see.”

The cast of 30 will perform 42 musical numbers with a live band of Georgia College students, staff, and alumni. The cast will portray the story of eight main characters and all the sacrifice and heartache each goes through.

“RENT is such an amazing story of a combination of love and sacrifice with songs that you can dance to and ones you can cry to. RENT is a must-see musical that we are super excited to help make its debut here in Milledgeville,” said Caleigh Allen, who plays Maureen.

The story of RENT centers on love as well as community. The characters are linked to each other through each other. The importance of community among all the characters is showcased throughout the performance.

“RENT is not only a musical but a reminder of what makes life important which is community and the love that perpetuates from it. RENT explores such raw emotions and strong connections that I feel it would be impossible to not get captured by the story,” said Jordan Hale, who plays Mark.

Along with community, the focus of RENT will include key elements such as human rights.

"As part of our GCSU Theatre Department's Season of Global Justice, RENT is featured in the campus-wide Human Rights Symposium, and presents global issues of HIV-AIDS to which we hope the community will respond," said Karen Berman, Theatre Chair and Artistic Director.

The honor and prestige of acquiring such a Broadway hit and being able to present it to the community has been an outstanding achievement for the Georgia College Theatre Department. The cast and crew’s excitement shows that the musical should not be missed.

“This is such a big show that I have been waiting for some train wreck to happen. However, there has not been one. In fact, it has been the opposite; everyone not only meets the challenge of the show, but surpasses it,” said Nic Marrone, who plays Angel.

Pinney also expressed her excitement in working with Dr. Wendy Mullen, Musical Director, and Julie Mulvihill, Choreographer.

"Dr. Wendy Mullen has been doing incredible work with the cast. The music in this play is so challenging, yet over and over again, they are nailing it. Julie Mulvihill’s choreography is stunning. She’s created more than one showstopper.”

Although the play will be recommended for mature audiences, the department hopes to reach to the community through love, people, and experience.

“Very rarely can you find a show that focuses on what truly matters in this life. The love we experience and the people we share it with, it’s no secret why RENT has touched so many people in so many ways,” said Marc Osborn, who plays Roger.

RENT ticket prices range from $7 to $15 and performances will be held in Russell Auditorium Feb. 24-27 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 28 at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at GCSUTickets.com. Group discounts are available.

For more information please contact the Theatre Department at (478) 445-4226.

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